Thursday, February 2, 2017

January Happenings 2017

Well, 2017 has continued as 2016 ended- like a rabid bull in a china shop on lots of caffeine...but we are trying to enjoy each day as it comes. We still feel grateful for the whole experience thus far, and the many, many, many lessons learned (or that's what I tell myself on the days when I just want to throw in the towel...) For those of you who don't know the background- back in August we sold our house in Cheyenne and moved into what the kids deemed "The Happy Camper" in order to purchase land and build our little dream house in Fort Collins near Horsetooth Reservoir. We had a hiccup with the original land we put an offer down on, which was actually a blessing in disguise because we found a much better (and cheaper) option that had just come on the market! Now we await the bank to give us the final go to move forward and break ground- we are closer!! Hallelujah!!

We gave up the happy camper life in January and have been living in Cheyenne with my fabulous Grandma- it's been fun to watch the kids play and enjoy her like I did growing up. My Grandpa would be in seventh heaven! Ren lives part time with Bev and Steve to continue school (How is he in Kindergarten?!?) which has been hard for this Momma Bear to handle, but it just makes our time together more precious.

                       We look forward to February, and all it may bring- spread the love friends!