Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mommyhood the second time around...

Yesterday little Abby made one month, and what a month it has been too! A month full of memories, laughter, tears (both happy and sad), smiles, snuggles, and fears.

The lessons learned this month are many..motherhood the second time around is just as rewarding! However, it is just as fraught with trials and woes..and I'm sure that doesn't change with any new child.

My breastfeeding woes were plenty (again...) but finally breastfeeding is becoming enjoyable! I still have fears and tears that come and go. Am I doing the right thing? What is the right thing? When will this heal? Why can't I feel normal again? Questions and doubts fleeted in and out throughout the month..but so did the smiles, snuggles, and happy memories. It is so amazing watching my son become a big brother, watching him grow and learn. Caring for Abby, nurturing her amazing little body and soul as she becomes part of this world..what could be sweeter?

As the all knowing trash heap sings "We've all got troubles, we've got strife, we've got wo-o-o-es" (Fraggile Rock reference for those of you who are confused :D) But in the long run its all worth it. Life doesn't throw anything our way that we can't handle..all we have to do is figure out the tools necessary and the shoulders to lean on...and I'm figuring it all out, slowly but surely with the help of my wonderfully fantastic and amazing family and friends! I am one blessed girl...
Playing at the Park with my kiddos on St. Patrick's Day! 

All in all..Motherhood is well worth all the ups, downs, and roller coaster dips. It's a wonderful life, and I intend to enjoy it to the last drop.  <3 nbsp="">