Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I'm a Creep

Listen, Feel, Think...

I would love to tell you what I heard when I first listened to this...but first let me tell you that this man was homeless when singing in this video. When I heard "Mustard" sing this for the first time, the thing that stood out to me was this gentleman's emotion. I felt like every time he sang "I'm a creep" he truly believed it, and that my friends, broke my heart.

I've been toying with writing this blog post for a long time now. And...well today, let's just say today I had an experience that made it mandatory for me to share my feelings. At the local supermarket (Time's) I was buying an item for a potluck at work, and decided to buy a pack of bagels too. You see I was hungry still after breakfast and decided I could just leave the extras at work, or whatever....
Well, it turned out being whatever....As I was leaving Times I saw a homeless gentleman looking around for items worth something in the trash. I decided to give him my giving them to him I sat and talked with him for a few minutes. That conversation changed me forever.

He was a very proud man, who through a series of unfortunate circumstances ended up homeless. He uses extra money found and given to him for a barber, so he can keep clean shaven and well kept. He doesn't use it for "booze" or drugs, and his "uncleanly-ness" is just as bothersome to him as it might be to you or me. He also stated that the taunts and ridicule of others passing by might not bother some, but it bothers him. Again, my heart broke...he was singing "I'm a creep" in his way.

Now, I understand there are circumstances that cause people to be homeless that might be their fault, it might not be...others don't mind living on the street, while some are just waiting for their opportunity again to leave the street. Either way, I believe, there is no gray area that makes it okay to ridicule and belittle them. They are humans too, just like you and me...and they deserve respect. You might not agree with their life choices, life style or way of life...I not asking that...

In the words of Aretha Franklin; "All I'm askin', is for a little Respect..."