Wednesday, October 1, 2014


"Peace begins with a smile" 
- Mother Teresa 

This morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I was feeling grumpy for no reason, annoyed at the silliest things...I knew I was being silly, but I just couldn't help it. Then I got this little reminder from my tea bag, while I was stomping around the kitchen...

Smile...sounds simple, and honestly the "irony" of it did make me smile(reluctantly)...then I started to think. Why the hell am I so grumpy?

I saw an absolutely amazingly beautiful sunrise, laying in bed in the peace and quiet..that was the problem. Or I should say MY attitude problem...I was laying there enjoying the quiet sunrise and Ren with all his energy and joy for life comes sprinting in. I wasn't ready to put on my Momma hat. I just wasn't ready. I missed getting up "hatless" and meditating or doing tai chi, writing in my journal sipping tea or coffee before I needed to put on any hats and start the day. 

Well, tough tooties Momma, that ship has sailed (or at least most mornings...) so I tried to smile from the heart. Slowly turning the grumpies into gratitudes...because like Mother Teresa said "Peace starts with a smile". 

I am grateful for my "hats" and I will be at peace with not getting to choose the hat I want when I want, after all life is still good...