Wednesday, November 16, 2016

"We got this..."

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” This has been my motto for as long as I can remember in life. The peaceful presence of Gandhi has always inspired me to do good, make a change, and be a difference.  I’ve tried to emulate certain peacemakers in order to make a positive difference in the world- big or small every day.

The past month or so I have been through a multitude of emotional roller coaster rides. I’ve experienced unimaginable joy, unfathomable depression and pretty much every emotion in between. I have tried many of the same tactics that have, in the past, been successful at relieving despair and bringing the bigger picture to hand in order to change my perspective. They have not worked thus far…but these past few days have…

The past three months I have been overwhelmed with life and “adult” responsibilities. Selling our house, starting a new job, moving to another state, buying land, my oldest son starting Kindergarten, while raising a family of 5 (6 with our four legged lovely) in a 5th wheel while we build a house on land mentioned above. It has been an adventure, a living experience, and ultimately something I will most likely look back on with fond memories….AFTER it’s over.

Add the ever-increasing problems humanity is now facing on top of this pile and when I think of all of it together – no wonder I’m overwhelmed. No wonder my motto of “Being the Change” seems too damn daunting…

But it doesn’t have to be…. I choose my legacy. I choose happiness. I choose to look one problem in the face at a time and smile. I can make that difference, no matter how small or insignificant it feels – the effects of one simple act of kindness ripple through my family, our neighborhood, the world, and ultimately myself. That is powerful, and it only takes a smile, a hug, an ear, or a shoulder. It takes two minutes away from the 1,440 in a day. Shoot boot! I spend way more than that distracting myself from important tasks at hand on my phone.

Easier said than done…but in the days, weeks, months to come I’m going to spend more time dreaming, less time scheming. Less time moping, more time hoping. More laughter, smiles, and hugs – to scare away all the humbugs.

I am going to Be the Change I wish to see in the World.
I am going to spread love, light, and happiness...

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

2016: A positive perspective change on my perfectly imperfect life

January has come, and goodness gracious, almost gone! 2016, I've decided, is going to be a fabulous year. I joke with my husband (you know the sexy Chinese medicine practitioner) that this year isn't going to be the year of the Monkey it's the year of the Goodier.

Due to this undoubtedly awesome year ahead I have been doing a lot of self reflection, meditation, and soul work. I have come to this conclusion.... I am not perfect, nor will I ever be...
What, what, what?!? Now, this may come as a surprise, since you know, I'm pretty darn amazing...but yep, I'm not perfect- and the kicker is that it is okay!

My Pintrest boards are laden with ways to make a perfectly clean house, perfect meals, and exercises to have the body of your dreams. Why? Why am I, and the rest of social media, so obsessed with finding perfection? This year I vow to find true happiness in the form of accepting and LOVING my perfectly imperfect life. House, body, soul...I am what I am, and that is enough! More than enough. My goal this year is to stop trying to be perfect, and just enjoy life as it comes, because if I try to be something unobtainable I will just be setting myself up for failure. And this year is too awesome for failure, it just is!

My house will never be magazine worthy (unless it's the poster child for the new reality series about what life is REALLY like with three adorable tornadoes and a dog affectionately called MooMoo by the two year old, while both parents work and run a household...) I will never have perfectly organized meal plans. I wont have a perfect body.
Why, because perfection is a myth...that's why.

We are all "perfect" with our imperfections. I have begun to feel that deep down, and this year I'm going to listen. Not so much of a soul search so to speak but more like taking time to slow down enough to listen to what my soul has been trying to tell me all along...