Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Local 5 and Dime....

February is Black History Month, as most of you (hopefully) already know! All of us know about Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks, but who knows about the The Greensboro Four ?

On February 1st 1960 4 college freshmen; David Richmond, Franklin McCain, Joseph McNeil, and Ezell Blair Jr. (later known as Apostle Dr. Jibreel Khazan) sat down at the counter of their local 5 and dime to stand up to inequality and injustice, lighting the fire of the Civil Rights Movement in our Nation. (The link above is a wonderful  re-telling of their story)

Watching this video led me to think...How can I honor the memory of Black History Month, every month?
 Every day we have the opportunity to face mini (and not so mini) inequalities and prejudices. How we react to them, how we respond can make all the difference. When Mother Teresa was asked by a supporter how they could help her efforts, she would respond with "Find your own Calcutta". new challenge to myself is to "Find my own 5 and Dime". Translated, basically stand up for what you believe in to make a change in this world before you have to leave it...

If I can attempt this then...hopefully I can make a matter how small. <3